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Our Mission

The mission of Sahyas spices  Company is to provide our customers with high quality with delicious tasting.We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices, herbs, all agro products in an economically efficient and quality consistent way.


Our Vision:

Understanding the nature of customer trends is vital to the existence of any organisation.we take great pride in our ability to understand the tastes of our customers. Our knowledge of what our customers need, makes for the development of superior products that are guaranteed to satisfy every taste.


About Company

SAHYA'S SPICES is a Company that was established in August 2005, dedicated to providing natural fresh spices and dry fruits to the world that are extracted from the fertile farms of India. This company is known for its quality products and premium quality of Spices, Dry fruits, Immunity Enhancer seed, herbs and all Indian spices. With the experience of nearly 15 years of intense work directed to the constant search and creation of fresh natural supply of spices in India.

The expansion project is proposed for an up-gradation to ultra-modern automatic processing and packing unit. The process begins with the identifying fresh farm products, and later analysing, sorting & assessing the quality of the products. After which the premier materials are sourced from the farmers and then finally the same is re-directed to our production line. This is followed by hygienic packaging and leveraging the logistics department to make sure that the end - user gets the taste that he craves for. Quality is the upmost priority here.

Sahya’s Spices also looking ahead to expand their products range including rare spices and herbal & nutritional spices and seeds and explore the export opportunities in International market's like USA, Europe and Africa. The targeted consumers for our products within the country are super stores, health and nutrition sector, pharmaceutical, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, tourism industry, railways, airways etc.

Our company has obtained all the required licenses to processing, packaging, selling, exporting, importing etc. from the concerned governing authorities.


Mr. Antony Kunnappally Davasia the proprietor of SAHYA'S SPICES, a successful Entrepreneur, grew up in a farmer’s family. His hard work and interest in agriculture development led him to further become an Entrepreneur. SAHYA’S SPICES, the name, he has built from last 15 years of hard-work, planning, strategies and progress. The company enjoys a successful growth by achieving a turnover of nearly 2 Crore in this Financial Year 2019-20.

The existing unit processes and packs quality food of more than 225 types of spices and dry fruit such as pepper, cloves, jeera, cinnamon, fresh turmeric, coffee beans, cardamom etc. The processing and packing’s are currently done manually by engaging 20 to 25 local women and thus creating employment opportunity to provide them a decent livelihood. These packed items are further supplied to the supermarkets, general stores, hotels, restaurants, shacks etc. by adhering to the norms specified by FDA and other concerned authorities.

The determination of Mr. Antony D. Kunnappally along with his employees at SAHYA'S SPICES has shown up its results in the success achieved and the satisfaction of knowing that all the consumers & traders of SAHYA'S SPICES have praised the quality and reliability of the products. Thus increase in products demand and in-turn sale of the food items.  

To meet these demand from the local and international markets for our all range of products. Sahyas Spices is looking for a substantial expansion in south india by incorporating hi-speed and hygienic production, processing and packing machineries and systems in a larger area of an commercial private.   

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